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Spot’s mobility, paired with the right payloads for your application, is an agile mobile solution for several application challenges.

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The Spot Arm enables users to act on data insights and perform physical work in people-centric environments.

Spot CAM+ enables detailed visual inspections using a color ring camera with a 360° field of view and a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) color camera with 30x optical zoom. 

Spot CAM+IR adds a thermal camera to the Spot CAM+ to enable detailed thermal and visual inspections.

The Spot GXP (General Expansion Payload) jump-starts payload integration by providing several breakout ports from Spot’s main payload port. This payload provides regulated power and an Ethernet breakout for easy attachment of custom and third-party payloads.

Spot CORE I/O enhances both the computation and communications available on the Spot platform. Connect sensors, cameras, and other devices to Spot, process the data collected into actionable insights, and relay those insights to your team over 5G/LTE.

Spot EAP 2 enhances the range and accuracy of Spot’s autonomy system for use on large sites.

The Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit quickly establishes a robust network to teleoperate Spot in lieu of WiFi on site.

The Persistent Systems MPU5 Radio Kit enables point-to-point communications between Spot and its operator.


Boston Dynamics partners with several Payload, Software, and Solution providers to further enhance the possibilities of what you can do with Spot. From turn-key construction solutions to computer vision models, our partners are designing innovative solutions to everyday inspection, enterprise asset management, facility/site management and maintenance, and much more.

We encourage you to visit our partner site to see the latest innovations.

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Help end user build out a complete solution catered to their specific application needs.
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Provide Software integrations for Spot, such as computer vision models, data pipelines, and fleet management.
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Offer integrated sensors or communication devices for the Spot plataform.