Scout - Remote Operation Software

Workers check a gauge reading via Scout

Remotely operate your fleet of Spots and gather insights about your site from anywhere through our web-based software.

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Eyes and Ears on the Ground

Remote Site Access
Immediately respond to incidents at remote or unmanned facilities, even during off-hours, from your operations center or home office.
Real-Time Visibility
Use Spot to gather real-time visual, thermal, and acoustic data. Spot nimbly navigates hard-to-reach areas for extensive coverage.
Autonomous Coverage
Run scheduled missions to gather inspection data, create a comprehensive data history, and react to changes on-site.

Remote Inspection Capabilities

Scout’s interface and intuitive design allow you to expand on the detail offered in the tablet controller while supervising your robots’ inspection tasks from afar.


Inspect gauges, machinery and pipes to check for abnormalities like corrosion or leaks. Use Spot CAM’s pan-tilt-zoom camera to inspect with up to 30x magnification.

Scout Visual Inspection


Detect issue-indicating hot spots in tanks, machinery, or electrical conductors with Spot CAM+IR’s thermal imaging capabilities.

a thermal reading in Scout


Equip one of the Spot CAM inspection payloads to enable your team to remotely listen for acoustic anomalies, or to autonomously record samples for analysis by third-party acoustic AI.

Spot conducts an acoustic inspection
Product Features

24/7 Site Access

Get eyes on-site from the comfort of your operations center or home office and perform manual or autonomous visual, thermal, and audio inspections. With Spot’s self-charging dock, you can have access to your site 24/7.

Mission Scheduling and Review

Record missions on Spot’s tablet and upload them to Scout to replay them anytime or schedule them on a regular cadence. Review data collected in recent or historic missions and compare data capture across asset history.

Real-Time Collaboration

Manage your entire fleet of Spot robots through a centralized hub. Collaborate with other users to send view links and share what Spot sees.

Easy Setup

Get started in no time. Scout runs on the Site Hub, a secure 1U rack-mounted server included with your subscription. The Site Hub is quick to install on-site and communicates to your Spots using existing WiFi infrastructure.