Asset Performance Management

Spot for Asset Management
Asset Performance Management

Dynamic sensing unlocks flexible and consistent data capture for improved site awareness, safety, and efficiency.

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ON-DEMAND: Maximize Site Efficiency with Spot’s Newest Capabilities

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Turn to agile mobile robots like Spot to collect better data and optimize asset performance in industrial environments across manufacturing, power and utilities, oil and gas, mining, construction, and more.

Maximize Sensing Efficiency

Use dynamic sensing solutions like Spot to reach equipment and spaces that are insufficiently covered by fixed sensors or inaccessible by people.

Collect Data Around the Clock

Deploy Spot to perform autonomous rounds of your facility and gather data like thermal images, gauge readings, and more on equipment and assets routinely and reliably.

Data Capture

Turn Images Into Insights

Integrate off-the-shelf computer vision models or train new ones with Spot’s consistent collected data. Feed processed data to your enterprise asset management (EAM) systems to get real-time insights on asset health.


Act Faster, Work Smarter

Add automated alerts and work order generation to act on Spot’s insights, perform predictive maintenance as needed, minimize downtime, and maximize the efficiency of your site and team.

Work smarter

"Having images in advance, knowing the condition of the bushings, and knowing that there may or may not be any leaks – this information is extremely valuable."

Dean Berlin, Lead Technology Analyst, National Grid

"In the near future, we see robots like Spot as mobile inspectors that can tell us just about everything we need to know about the condition of a facility."

Adam Ballard, Facilities Technology Manager, bp

Integrations with Existing Tools
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Stay a Step Ahead with Spot

Unmatched Mobility

Explore unstructured and dangerous environments with unprecedented mobility, going where wheeled robots and drones cannot.

Sitewide Autonomy

Schedule routine autonomous missions for data collection. Spot will dynamically replan its path and self-charge as needed to get the data you need.

AI Insights

Make sense of collected data immediately with add-on computer vision models and data processing on the robot or in the cloud.

Enterprise Integrations

Act on data insights by using existing enterprise integrations with IBM Maximo, AWS services, and Microsoft Azure, or create custom integrations through Spot’s extensive API.


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