Flexible Autonomous Warehouse Robots

Stretch automates truck unloading
Solutions for Warehouse Automation

Automate warehouse operations with fast, versatile robotic solutions.

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ON-DEMAND - Impact Your Inbound: Automate Unloading with Stretch

Flexible Warehouse Robotics

Enable flexible case handling, improve worker safety, and increase productivity. Deploy automation solutions with advanced mobility, perception, and manipulation.

Warehouse Automation Capabilities

Automate your inbound warehouse operations with intelligent robots.

Truck Unload

Autonomously unload inbound trucks and shipping containers. Stretch quickly identifies cases and places them on a conveyor, moving up to 800 cases per hour. Its mobile base and long reach allow it to work through the full container with ease.

Robot unloading boxes from trucks onto conveyor belts

"With Stretch, we will enhance the movement of freight through our facilities while providing a safer environment for our employees."

Sid Brown, CEO, NFI

"We’re excited to partner with Boston Dynamics to deploy its best-in-class robotics in our warehouses. The Stretch robot addresses complex industry challenges through flexible automation, which we’ll be able to replicate and scale regionally and globally.”

Sally Miller, CIO, DHL Supply Chain North America

Solution Features

Mobile and Compact

With full mobility and a footprint the size of a pallet, Stretch is built to maneuver in and out of trucks and tight spaces in a warehouse.

Works Continuously

A charge powers Stretch through a full shift, or up to 16 hours on an extended battery option, keeping the flow of goods moving during surges in demand.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Stretch can be installed and put to work, in existing warehouse infrastructure, in just days. No pre-programming of box sizes or SKU numbers is needed.

Advanced Vision and Gripper

An advanced vision system detects boxes and container surroundings, while a powerful gripper handles packages up to 50 pounds.

Future Applications

Even more applications for Stretch are being developed.

Palletizing & Depalletizing

Mobile, complex depalletizing with intelligent machine learning computer vision. Quickly depalletize and singulate cases, cartons, and trays from single, rainbow, and mixed-SKU pallets.

A graphic of Stretch depalletizing cases

Order Building

Build up pallet orders for retailers and e-commerce fulfillment centers. With a small, mobile base, Stretch navigates warehouse aisles to build single and multi-SKU pallets. Pack cases tightly and carefully with Stretch’s contact detection and force control capabilities.

A graphic of Stretch building orders on a pallet

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